Elections in India have followed a worldwide trend for more than a decade. Times have changed!
I believe socioeconomic issues lead to bipartisan voters. Intellect veers mostly left, the masses to the right. Nazism rebirth in current Europe is the most distasteful tragic example. Yet we clearly have failed to grasp this homicidal political Apocalypse Now. Hitler was Elected! Twist not history.
The past decade has created a repeat of the circle of life. European politics is extremist, thank God for the European Union. Not even a century, and yet the far right remains well alive in spite of Mussolini, Salazar, Hitler, among others.
Even a wise nation voted Brexit and Trump landed! And we live merrily.
The left is caput, voter wise only. Intelligentsia remains utopic.
Prime Minister Modi must be saluted for being an astute leader, an example of understanding worldwide political trends. And the left got politically minced by voters!
I am not from the right, maybe far from right…
In our here and now, family politics is dead in India. Dynasties met The Arab Spring.
None of us humans can eventually alter or force the circle of life. Our politics is for only a few more years crippled by communal diktat. However, the PTR is gone. India led the way.

The MSM must learn from History, else it is on borrowed time too. Not in my lifetime for sure. Eventually, a true Mauritian will lead our nation.
Secular values are cremated. India proves it. Who am I to argue? I just do not belong to Chota India.