|This write-up alone cannot tackle and name out all the promiscuous elements of women, violence, history, society, education and much more. My intent is to invite into a deeper reflective journey for future actions, rethinking the focus of our energy and the possibilities for co-creating. 

For centuries, the world has been focusing and roaring against that which hurt, suppress, hinder, belittle, oppress, sicken, decay and kill women. Women of my kind awakened to activism from within the womb, carry deeply ingrained trauma and our struggle to fight violence started from the moment we were conceived.

Women of my kind resonate with women of all kinds, for we are one in all.

For years, my focus has been on hurling against violence committed unto women, children and men. I have shouted, I have learned, I have informed, I have been informed, I have educated, I have been educated, I have passion and I have been passion-ated until my entirety fired up and wired up to all potential dangers to and for women in this world.

I have lived in danger and danger has been lurking deep in my bones.

|Pause| Breathe|

|Imagine, an activist wired up to fight danger every single day|

|Imagine the energy invested passionately to fight|

|Now, Imagine the strain and the struggle|

I see me. I see you. I see us.

What good was bestowed upon me, you and us? I speak for myself and my fellows. Fighting against violence has served its purpose in my life and that of many rising yet to understand their shift in consciousness.

In my work as an intuitive facilitator, an artist of Spirit, I was slapped hard until I understood that “what you focus on grow, what grows outside, grows inside first and last”.

Here is my point, if we are as a nation, seek to intervene and interrupt the pervasive, toxic, destructive cyclical patterns and programs of dominations against women and all that which is deemed weak by this system, our inner game has to change.

The more we focus on ending violence, the more our entirety as individuals and as collective stay wired up in danger, violence, in hurts, in pains, in trauma, in wounds, in rape, in control and in FEARS.

Our inner game changes that moment we change our focus. The moment our focus changes, we set in motion a new wave of being and doing to be soon embedded as cycles, patterns and programs.

We need safe spaces for women, men and children. Spaces where colours, emotions, races, body types, voices, noises, tears, fears, laughters, unspoken, trauma, disorders and much more are acknowledged, respected and honoured regardless of understanding or not.

To activists who will read these words, your innerness knows what I am speaking of, unless this society is rendered safe again, we will keep fighting. For this safeness to emerge and own its rightful place, a backbone will have to be established.

For women who will question my intent, I hear you. I hear how the majority of us are yet to experience safety at home, home in our physical body. I hear the pleas. I hear the struggle. Unless until, we start questioning what it takes to feel safe, we will not march towards casting, hosting and holding safe spaces for us, for our children and for our men.

To women who want to move fast, know that there is no rush on this journey.

To men who have stood up as allies, know that we ask of you to descend and heal your trauma for you are equally contaminated with danger.

To every single woman whether my words and works resonate with you or not, there are steps not to be skipped if owning our power fully is what we seek.

|Speak the Unspoken| Grieve | Re-Claim|

We are at a pivotal point in the history of humanity, our unspoken will have to be spoken to defuse the charge of pains, wounds, trauma, hurt, illusions, distortions, toxicity and blindness. Grieving will have to be cycled for unless we moan that which was taken away from us, we will stay wired up in danger and armored to blast this world. Re-Claiming will happen on its own organically, for once the descend inwards is activated, the traveler loses her skin and the shadows become an integral part of life and death cycle.

For this backbone to be manifested, safe spaces will have to be claimed, cast, held and hosted for women, men, children, animate and inanimate.

To every being who will chance on these words,

What does safety mean to and for you?

Have you ever experienced feeling safe?

Do you feel safe in your body?

Are you comfortable with this word “safety”?

How do we include in safety?

In the Great Mother path, the term “Command” comes from a space of sovereignty, grounding, inclusiveness and owning one’s innate power for the greatest purpose and good.

May we command safe spaces for one and all. May we rise up to establish the backbone that will support women, men and children to speak their unspoken, to grieve that which was taken away and to re-claim their power.

May we stand in reverence of that which as gifted to us, for within our innerness, we are the only forms of life that can choose to awaken to life, to be and do otherwise.

Love from my heart to yours.