On the eve of a coming year,

As on other days of the year,

All true and compassionate souls

Should not seek to nurture and rear

Any pleasure or happiness

By supporting folks in dire needs,

Or comforting those in distress.

Instead they need to consider

The joy and pleasure they secure

To those who have no meals a day,

The happiness they can procure

To those with no roof for the night,

The help and guide they can provide

To those with no future in sight.

They need also to reflect on

The love and care they can dispense

To aggrieved and suffering souls,

Without any prop for defence

And no clutch for their emotion;

They need expect no gratitude

For their acts of true compassion.

Compassionate souls are, indeed,

Instruments of the graceful Lord,

Endowed with the crown of virtues

To achieve the mercy of God

On this unique planet of earth;

Of such real compassionate souls,

Let there never be any dearth,

And let the hearts of one and all

Be full of love and compassion.