Crouched in the dark
She hesitates between
Trying to stay hidden
And peeping out of her hiding place
To see
If her nightmare would be attempting
To harm her
As he has been doing
Since he stopped working!

Her heart thunders
And she can feel her breath
Overwhelm and suffocate her
As if it were a tsunami wave
Lunging at her!

He walks over to the fridge
Takes a can of beer
And sits on the couch
After switching on the TV
While, she,
Wets her lips and clenches her fists
Wondering at why
God has given her such a horrible fate!

She still remembers the first time
He had asked her out,
She still remembers how he had won
Her over, pretending to be the
Well groomed man everyone likes
In the society and how
He had taken her hand
And built, for her,
Castles, over her head,
Castles, which had allowed her
To smile and to laugh
But which had turned out to be
Made of glass
And which have broken a long time ago
Making her vulnerable to the harshness
Of the dangers that gape at her hungrily!

Abusive and violent,
He had sent her to the hospital
So many times that she had lost count
And now,
She is sure,
He will search for her
And vent off his frustrations,
By making her cry and beg,
Asking him to stop, as she may
Die and he would just end up in jail!

But then, out of nowhere,
A song starts playing
And she sees a world
Appearing for her,
Made of greens and beautiful flowers
So divinely fragranced
That she hardly is aware
When he starts shouting for her,
When he gets off the couch,
Pulls her out
And starts knocking the life out of her!