Dear Esteemed Educators,

More than ever, the very purpose of our profession has come to the limelight:

President, Education Officers’ Union (E.O.U)

An academic year that heavily relied on our intuition to move ahead in an unknown and unsure territory, but despite the adversities, circumstantial or otherwise, we have marched forward with grit, never losing sight of our objectives and goals, and keeping our learners at the core of our sacred mission. The path ahead will not necessarily be any easier, but I know that we have got what it takes to put a brave front and thus ensure that our younger friends get an opportunity to have a better future. We need to strive relentlessly and with determination as we have always done; our union will never falter to stand by you, contre vents et marées.

Two facts that will remain indelible in the history of the profession are that despite the taxing context of the Covid-19 pandemic, educators took up the formidable and seemingly impossible challenge of conducting online classes last year against the backdrop of a prohibitive confinement and consequentially, on a second note, this year was one which yielded in excellent results despite the very complex and difficult context. Nonetheless, educators without hesitation or second thought, daringly organised, conducted and shepherded our students to sit for the NCE, SC and HSC examinations, a testimony of our unflinching attribute. When it comes to the welfare of our learners and our profession we need to strive relentlessly so that our students get the golden opportunity to have a better future.