Suhaylah Khadaroo
From Manchester

It began in the city of Wuhan and the rest is history. Some call it a god-sent curse, others see it as the result of man constantly tampering with nature, and many even push forward conspiracy theories as its origin! While the ‘birth’ of the Covid-19 pandemic is a source of constant debates, fear of its lethal impact on the planet is mutual.

Who would have thought that by late March, a third of the world’s population would be urged to stay at home and forced to lock themselves away from the rest of the world? Every day we wake up to heart-breaking deaths, skyrocketing statistics and devouring uncertainty. How I wish that the old saying ‘a new day’ could wash away our pains and fears, but sadly, the new dawn has not greeted us yet. In this ever-growing chaos, how can we seek solace?

Now is the time to leave behind the ‘I’ve got no time’ excuses! Now is the time to press the ‘pause’ button, let life rewind itself and play all those priceless moments that have long been taken for granted. Now is the time to take a step back in this hectic world and reflect. We are familiar with the words ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’, but unfortunately, we often discard them, as such is the challenge to succeed in this materialistic world. Not anymore though …

The world has been taught some lifelong lessons, but to me the most striking one has been: Covid-19 strikes indiscriminately. Age and gender have no resonance in its attacks. Class and money have not stopped Prime Minister Boris Johnson from being tested positive, whilst stardom and wealth even failed to save the life of influential singer John Prine. If Covid-19 takes no notice of our countless differences when it hits, why do humans fixate on them so much?

In the face of this common enemy to mankind, we have all been taught once again that we have to come together as one race – the human race. While the battle is not over and shows no signs of an imminent end, staying at home and celebrating the heroic and selfless devotion of those who are ensuring our safety day and night will drive us closer to victory.

Covid-19 is not immortal, but our unity should be.