Brinda Runghsawmee

A black hole is formed when a star has to die. A star is a ball of gas. Only stars with very large masses will become black holes. When a star dies, two things may happen: in that ‘ideal moment’ of a combination of magnetic force and gravity, there might either be a super nova, an energy burst leading to the creation of another star. Or the core collapses, its mass fluctuates like heart rate until the light turns into a black hole.

To the scientist, the universe is a fantastic book of past and new discoveries, which explains its origin. When Stephen Hawking passed away, his family said that they would miss their father ‘forever’. This is an interesting word as ‘forever’ is part of the human vocabulary. Man is proof that we exist because we are here. The universe exists. We are here to see it, to prove it.

There is unparalleled beauty in the universe and we are connected to it. Eternity is set in the heart of man. Before the black hole, before the cluster of stars, what was there? Before the universe, before matter, before atoms and molecules, protons and neutrons, there was nothing or there was ‘forever’.

To the creationist there was ‘ALWAYS’ and ‘FOREVER’ is part of it. Whether a human being is an atheist or a theist, they believe in ‘FOREVER’ when they lose a dear one. They will love them forever. We are made of a soul, a spirit and a body. We are connected to the universe and the earth. Dust means life to us. Our soul and spirit set the boundaries of right and wrong. Science is the religion of the atheist. The relation between God and creation is the religion of the theist. Faith is what makes both work.

Two friends are discussing about life and death. One is an atheist and the other a theist. The atheist believes man is nothing else but what he makes of himself. He exists because he exists. He is responsible for his very being.

The theist tells his friend: “Watch a canary looking for food, a red breast pecking, a sparrow taking flight. They know what they are doing. Eternity speaks to you when you look at a bird working. It is always a wonder. There is so much beauty and joy in the little creature’s work. It has a soul and a life. It bonds with and is organised by nature and the universe but there is something else that’s greater than us, beyond our comprehension. Nature is a book of life and life is not a mystery but beautiful because the essence of beauty comes from God!”

He continues: “How can a human being decide to be human? How can you be responsible for being human? Can an animal choose to be an animal, a bird a bird? How does a lion know what to prey on, a bird what to peck, a bird to fly, a fish to swim?

Creation is here. Either we let it speak to us, or we don’t.

There is the beauty and magnificence of the great Artist God. No one can be like Him. No one can be Him.

My heart does not flutter when I look at the picture of a dinosaur or at fossils, but it does when I see a flower. I know God made it. I’m not afraid to say it loud and clear. God does exist. He is.”

However, my friend’s heart flutters at the sight of a dinosaur’s skeleton or fossils. As God is precious to me, so bacterium is precious to him. Similarly, as creation is precious to me, so evolution is precious to him.

However, both of us marvel that we are made of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen with the vital water plus the great blood which is made up of red blood cells with haemoglobin, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Our hearts freeze when we think how in the name of that same blood, empires have been toppled with their tragedies of death and dearth and new ones have been built upon the blood of conquered people turned into slaves! Yet when we visit a hospital, we find how lives are saved when humans donate blood. There is no colour, no religion, no social status, no level of intelligence when a life is being saved! It also reminds us about the power of Jesus Christ’s blood that cleanses sin and gives new life to believers!

There is a sad thing happening in the world now that has happened before. There is something in our genes that make us condemn and curse those we do not agree with. In the past, the Church wanted to defend God. Any scientist who boldly came forward to disprove biblical beliefs about the origins of the universe and mankind was condemned and put to death unless he recanted.

When we step back and observe what is happening in the West today, we have goosebumps. For democracies to function soundly and smoothly, people have to be able to express their personal views freely. To hold biblical views on the origins of mankind and the universe is a mockery in the West. As we are going ‘glocal’, will the neo beliefs of the West drown small countries like ours because we solemnly reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ for the sins of mankind, joyfully celebrating His resurrection as He gives new life to sinners? At this time of the year, we also remember the numerous Christians throughout the world who are being tortured and martyred because they love Him as He has given them LIFE!

In small countries like ours, we not only respect each other’s religious beliefs, we also respect scientific beliefs!