Endy Jay

Now that it is becoming clearer that the Brexit talks are heading for a total deadlock, the Irish Prime Minister was prompted to consider this state of affairs an ‘appalling failure of statecraft’.

But here, given what has been unfolding for a while, ‘en série ininterrompue’, so to speak, it is not only a total and disturbing failure of ‘statecraft’ – if this word means anything to our actual political masters – but also that lethargy’, that failure to live up to expectations of some crucial institutions that give the impression to the common man that they are conniving, as it were, as part of a major cover-up ‘network’ through deliberate dilly-dallying, exacerbated by revolting double standards as if to remind us that ‘some are more equal’.
Fortunately, some voices that matter have made themselves heard of late, through interviews, press articles or otherwise, to underscore what some have rightly called ‘une descente aux enfers’. The political Opposition, rightly ridiculed for their shy reactions, seem to be getting the message clear and are only now giving the impression they know they must mend their ways and react appropriately.
Rightly so ‘une descente aux enfers’ given the manifold areas affected and consequences that cut across our society, that further impact on our reputation, from scandals to failure of major institutions, through the manner the economy is being handled, attracting, for example, that unprecedented move by ‘Business Mauritius’ to challenge before the Supreme Court, the (ill)-famed CSG in a no-retreat mode, getting some top guns of the Private Sector somewhat out of their ‘stay aloof’ tendencies with remarks of the like ‘nous sommes en train de vivre au-dessus de nos moyens’* or ‘le pire est encore à venir’. While it would not be speculation to state the Trade Unions, especially in the Public Sector, are on the way to stage a showdown. There are unmistakable forerunner signs. And how not to mention the ‘massacre‘ of our democratic traditions where someone from nowhere, as it were, chosen by some 40 odd votes from the Majority,  is turning our highest platform of debate and decision-making into some sort of macabre ‘Muppet Show’ at his whims and fancy. Some reactions, albeit belatedly, seem on the way we hope to be pursued to their logical end.

To come back to Brexit, more than four-and-a-half years after the referendum won by a hairsbreadth majority following a campaign, according to many, based on lies, many with the right expertise maintain Britain stands to lose more than it can get. And yet there was never any move to backpedal.  But this is Boris Johnson’s political gamble and of no direct concern to us. Yet, this reminded to establish a comparison with what has been going on here for a while. The same refrain of ‘le pays avant tout’ or ‘dans l’intérêt national’. While day after day some maneuvers tend to confirm we are well on the way to becoming a banana republic, already blacklisted at that.

But, notwithstanding what precedes, even to utterly surprise the reader, the gist of this note is to attract attention to a series of signs and omens in quick succession and should not be attributed any political or partisan connotations, however much some preceding remarks embarrass, even irritate. Though, for the sake of this note, what is taking place in the political realm – ‘du jamais vu’ and for some only the tip of the iceberg – could not be ignored given their significant contribution to the signs and omens.

And to conclude, I’ll refer to one of Jesus Christ’s admonition to be on the lookout for future signs and omens heralding something beyond imagination. Now is that time!

(*Those old enough may remember the ‘largesses’ of the mid-1970s that led to two devaluations in quick succession – 1979 & 1981).                                                                                                                         
P.S.: If only to convince the sceptics, just watch how the poorer nations will be trampled in the stampede for the famous vaccine soon that will highlight the extent of selfishness and hypocrisy, another unmistakable sign of our times, that failure of ‘human rulership’, two words I’ll request the reader to keep in a corner of his memory, two words that account for most of humanity’s woes and sufferings and soon to be the object of events that will stun the whole world. Attendons voir!