Entrepreneurs like to be under-estimated…why you ask? Because we like to turn a negative situation into a positive one!
If you’re under-estimating someone for whatever reason, be careful… they may do their utmost best to show you that you are wrong.
Do any of these statements fit for you? I am competitive. I like being the underdog. I fear that success may make me complacent. I love stories of heroes who fought an uphill battle to get to their goals.
If you don’t know it already, life can be cruel. Life can hit you very hard sometimes. What can you do about it? You can either complain that other people are not seeing your worth or… you can decide to SHOW them your worth!
So, what’s the difference?
Your energy and your mindset about any problem or challenge is the key to learning.
How can this help you as an entrepreneur?
People don’t usually expect positive outcomes for you, especially if you don’t follow the traditional route. They believe you should choose the conventional way that has been set by society.. or you will certainly fail!
That’s why being an entrepreneur is no easy path. We can experience difficulties, challenges, obstacles as opportunities learn from and grow. Since almost everyone is expecting you to fail… they may not see you as a threat and no one is expecting you to win!
Only a very small percentage of people believe that you will succeed, so this is your opportunity to surprise them all! This is your moment to take the world by storm. No time for complaining… only you have the power to change any situation in your life!
Plus this power mindset can be applied to anything in your life; money, relationship, business, family, etc.
Each time you go through challenges times, do your best to transform any negative energy into a positive learnings. It’s not easy but that’s what separates a champion from a challenger.
Cheers to the under-estimated!