Project Dodo In The Sky 360 – that’s the name of Dodo’s second daring mission to Earth’s stratosphere. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “It’s been there before to celebrate the 50th Independence Anniversary of its beautiful home back in 2018. So why do it again?” Well, quite frankly, I’m sure you’d all agree our Dodo deserves so much more than being perched on a shelf! An all-new vessel specially designed for an all-round, 360-degree view of Dodo’s flight will hopefully help it complete the round trip to freezing cold altitudes and back! But that’s not just it! In true fashion of a NASA space launch, we want to give children in Mauritius and around the world the chance to live the experience of a stratospheric launch and the thrills of the trademark countdown to lift-off!

The original plan was to launch from a beach in Mauritius, but for reasons outside of our control, that could not happen. So, we decided to launch from the UK instead, but then came the once underestimated but now dreaded COVID-19… And that may well have been a blessing in disguise! Rather than inviting a handful of people to attend the launch event, we want you all to join us for an online live stream of the launch event on 1st or 2nd August, depending on how the weather behaves itself. If you are free between 12 and 2 p.m. Mauritian time on weekend of the 1st and 2nd August, you’re all invited to the launch event! Please visit to register your interest and get the latest updates!

In truth, while the primary objective of this project is to reach out to and inspire as many children as possible, there’s actually more to it… Fundraising for charity has been the motivation to see this project through. We had already raised Rs 30,000 to help those in need in Mauritius, but with it being a STEM project aimed at children, I wanted to do a little more for the children around the world and those whose very survival may be at risk due to COVID-19. At the time of writing, my fundraising appeal for UNICEF stood at £145 (just over Rs 7,000). So, I want to seize this opportunity to thank all our generous donors who have shown their support for this project! And a massive Thanks to our team members, Hatem Maudarbaccus, Najam Maudarbaccus, Reuben Pillay and Vipin Gungaram, as well as everyone else who has helped one way or another to get us to this stage!

Now for the main event! Will it be a successful mission? Only one way to find out! Make sure you join us online on launch day! Stay safe everyone!

To the sky and beyond.