Anil Banymandhub

Talking beside the point is our nation’s forte. Mix issues, drown the baby is a well-known ploy recognized worldwide, here developed with panache.

I would not even talk, else write currently about politics, corruption, casteism, cronyism. Why bother since no one mostly care?

I would not feel ticklish talking of a good governance private sector, a meritocratic private sector; a vital partner, stakeholder in the core of any successful nation building. Sadly, with failing institutions the notion of very competent well-meaning money generating venture has failed. Our public sector is similar with incompetent chamchas sadly.

I was at the Champs de Mars too when the guy with the white suit with feathers on his hat was followed by a native perceived freedom fighter. History has no perception!

I wonder if after 50 years anything has changed? A young nation we are, South Africa is a toddler and recently we saw maturity of tackling ‘le droit à l’excès’.

As a nation we have missed the moral high ground. Our voting pattern, our fielded candidates a truth of racist primitive reflexes.

I believe history is a constant, dependable dimension. The greed of money deludes most. Just as we see in Africa and India! Mugabe created a duel between me and a senior minister! Zuma is gone. It will take more than 50 years, yet it will happen here too. I shall not be alive; my grandchildren will reap the reward of the few telling the blunt truth ahead of time.

News supposedly informs a nation. We are told the MBC fails, I disagree. The news twisted, bias of some private enterprises is too blatant to dismiss. The press must stop writing fibs, give opinions to suit and have their own agenda. We, as all countries, are fed what ‘they’ need us to know! Victoria and Abdul is a film that must be seen, an example of twisted truth history always unearthed.

The nation is alive and kicking in spite of our national corrupt, racist norms. Kicking haphazardly with the drug epidemic is leading to crimes and road deaths.

I deplore the fakeness of our soul after 50 years of non colonial bullying. Whether it means independence is a debate avoided! Ask: why we have got here? How?

As simple as drowning the baby!

Prime Minister, we can no longer speak beside the point. We are in trouble. We need a visionary young leader.

We must not ignore social, legal, gender, race/caste injustice. We must not inflame old, acidic reflexes based on myths! We must not delude ‘graduates’ within a declining education! We beg to believe in a fair police and legal system. We must not keep our eyes closed to a two-tier health model where competence is debatable in both spheres!

You must give us hope of independence a day.

On the 12.03.18 under this FLAG ponder hard PM.

I need you to succeed, for our future.