The Muslim Brotherhood is a grass root social, cultural and political movement founded by Hassan al Banna in Egypt. It is so much loved by the Arab masses, eternal victims of heartless dictatorships, that the movement found resonance in the whole of the Arab world.
The MB in fact does all that a responsible government should do for its people : they provide social, medical and educational services running thousands of schools and hundreds of free hospitals and home care. This explains their success in Tunisia and in Egypt when the citizens got the chance to vote in free elections.
The MB became a threat to the Arab kings who saw Morsi’s success as creating a domino effect in the Gulf and the Middle East and threatening their very existence. So some Arab Royal families allied themselves with the Egyptian army, provided them with life support and bribed them to slash the head of the “monster” that, if unchecked, would annihilate them.
Egypt has become the battleground to save the Arab soul. Saudi Arabia boasts of its legitimacy as the spokesman of the Islam by being the guardian of Islam’s two holiest masjids just as mafia bosses like to be photographed with the pope. The Muslim masses know that the mosques in Mecca and Medina are just fig leaves used by the protectors of Ben Ali who plundered the Tunisian Treasury of tons of gold.
The rise of Morsi meant that Saudi Arabia was going to lose to its pre eminence as Morsi was likely to adopt the moderate Islamic politics of Turkey, make peace with Iran, considered as apostate by Sunni Saudi Arabia and use Al Azhar, the oldest World Islamic University as the purveyor of Islamic jurisprudence, counter to the retrograde Saudi philosophy of Wahabism.
Egypt is at crossroads. The mass death penalty inflicted on Morsi supporters is a world record in death sentence proclamation. Will this wanton killing see the end of the Kifaya [enough] movement ? It is doubtful that Egypt will know peace until democracy is restored … hungry people will not forget the hands that have been feeding them during their pangs of hunger.