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Rishi Sunak is Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, only months after resigning as Chancellor of the Exchequer. On resigning, Sunak and another Senior Minister wrote to then Prime Minister Boris Johnson to explain their resignations: ‘We were elected on a platform of competence and integrity. We are resigning because these cannot be achieved under your leadership’. Weeks later, Johnson was forced to step down as PM and leader of the Conservative Party.

Without the least intention to establish any parallel, there is need to remind Bodha resigned from the Cabinet headed by Pravind Jugnauth nearly two years ago, explaining his move, that caught everybody by surprise, thus: ‘Pravind Jugnauth mène le pays à la ruine’. What has taken place and is still taking place since that high-profile resignation, even prior to that, strengthen Bodha’s words and should be food for thought for anyone in his right mind, excluding of course the sycophants.

   (Here I would like to open a parenthesis to remind what I wrote not so long ago, to wit: that on the majority benches, along with some arrogant neophytes and yes-men, there are some bright persons, totally alien to these repetitive scandals that have tarnished the banner of ‘l’Alliance Morisien’ – that can be removed only in one manner if some decide these blots have to be rubbed clean even if it takes the caustic cleanser of public embarrassment -, yet guilty, through their silence, on the principle of ‘collective responsibility’. Although indirectly, they are abetting in dubious maneuvres. One example: they cannot be blind not to have seen what has unfolded since ‘mo finn fer lanket ek mo finn trouv li inosan’  – defending what, a comrade-in-arms or an accomplice in…. -, up to what may possibly be the detonator to set the tinder box ablaze, and Zorro’s repeated crazy rides in the National Assembly week after week, to mention only these. Yet, it would be day-dreaming to believe what caused Johnson’s downfall may also happen here. Allons donc! There has been one Sunak-type resignation mentioned above, yet up to now the Tsar rides along hassle-free. So far at least!).

  Among the developments on the local front, top of the list now is the ‘Kistnen affair’ with all its ramifications, without forgetting the belated reactions of key institutions, namely that one headed by someone who recently appealed for public trust in the process finding it fit to remind he holds a constitutional post. Constitutional post for what? To toe the line, even kowtowing, which the ‘Kistnen’ drama lays bare!!! Yet, now the right time to make ‘amende honorable’, however belatedly.

This stunning plot twist in the ‘Kistnen affair’ comes as a result of the action of some whistleblower/s resulting in extracts of the confidential findings of the Magistrate in charge of the Judicial Enquiry now of the public domain, notwithstanding those rickety arguments of the like ‘sa dokiman la pa otantik’, or that from the one still attempting a shot at  the elusive redemption and with his usual sarcastic grin  ‘mank paragraf 2 ek  4 dan sa dokiman la’. Plus ridicule que çà, tu meurs! I brought to the attention of the reader that Bible prophecy, enunciated by Jesus Christ, that reads as follows, and to have its major outworking during these present times as a sign: ‘For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest, nor anything carefully concealed that will never come out in the open,’ (Gospel of Luke, chapter 8, verse 17). Granted, the Bible makes no mention of whistleblowers. But the One who inspired these prophecies also reminded ‘So my word that goes out of my mouth will be, it will not return to me without results, but it will certainly accomplish whatever is my delight.’  (Isaiah chapter 55, verse 11). So the Creator may choose any means to ensure the outworking of prophecies. Whistleblowers will manifest themselves now and then, whatever their motivations – to settle scores or scandalised by what they come through and choose to denounce. It cannot be a mere coincidence that a few scandals on the local front of late came to the surface thanks to whistleblowers. And on this score, ‘le plus intéressant est encore à venir’, even if we limit ourselves to the local scene.

Moreover, these latest developments in the ‘Kistnen Affair’ also confirm two other Bible teachings:
(1) Because sentence against a bad deed has not been executed speedily, the heart of men becomes emboldened to do bad (Ecclesiastes chapter 8, verse 11);
(2)  …God merciful and compassionate… pardoning error…, but by no means leave the guilty unpunished (I underline)…(Exodus chapter 34, verse 7).

 Never in our political history have all Opposition forces, parliamentary and extra parliamentary, the media, written and spoken, lawyers etc been locked in a common combat with unrelenting pressure to oust the ruling incumbents, whose only rebuttals are limited to threats or ‘zwe boure’, when it is not, as has often been the case, to send the 3’Bs’* to the frontline to find a peg to plug every embarrassing hole, to defend the indefensible, invariably that damn square peg in the round hole. Yet, it will be daft to believe that synergy among Opposition forces will last. ‘Someone’ at least will throw a spanner in the works. ‘Le ver est déjà dans le fruit’.

To conclude, I cannot miss to come back to Sunak becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain – another sign that the ‘scene of the world is changing’ – for all this represents which the circumspect reader will easily understand without my having  to specify. An event that should get everyone feeling competence and merits must always have the edge over all other ‘petty‘ considerations whenever crucial appointments/nominations are concerned to applaud. What Sunak accomplishes or fails to accomplish is another matter.

(*For the casual reader, the ‘Bald’, the ‘Bearded’ and the ‘Boisterous’.)

P.S.: The title of this note may surprise, but it appropriately reflects that concurrence of world events, both abroad and local, and Bible prophecies/teachings, the two main foundations of most of my notes.


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