‘The Good, the Bad and the U…nexpected’. I have borrowed the foregoing from the cartoonist of SCOPE (No 1637), a fitting introduction to this short note as a prelude to what should not be the ‘unexpected’, albeit involving some unexpected ones from partisan standpoints.

In my last article (Forum – Le Mauricien, 26/6/20 – ‘Fire Down Below’), I raised the issue of ‘no smoke without fire’ in relation to ‘St Louis Gate’, which cannot, as much as we know that far, be limited to the one revoked. And we happen to know, still that far, that from a ‘confidential’ report the ‘Good’ has revealed the name of a political opponent with the result that from every street corner, so to speak, we hear the like of ‘ena enn bef lor…(Untel). Confidential? My foot! How this old fox of ‘Untel’ reacts after his first-ever passage under ‘that spot light’ remains to be seen.

And we leave it to the members of our august(?) National Assembly to fire at each other, mutually accusing of cover-ups as the clashes become thick and fast. While what some call the ‘cover-up machine’ probes into the affair with its findings known perhaps by the end of the present mandate, if ever. While also we may expect an upsurge in whistleblowing to settle scores, or merely from those scandalized, as it were, by sensitive information they are aware of. There must be a few local ‘Snowdens’ around. While the ‘Good’ struggles to nail down a reputation of Good Governance, but repeatedly stumbling on a new ‘affair’.

But my point in writing this short note lies not in what ‘St Louis Gate’ may really hold, though it could possibly be the starting point of what to be really the unexpected, when the following Bible prophecy, on which I invited attention in one of my recent articles, attains its ‘cruising speed’.

‘For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest, nor anything carefully concealed that will never become known and come out in the open’. (Gospel of Luke chapter 8, verse 7).

And to conclude, I’ll again borrow one remark recently made by the  ‘Good’, with slight variations: ‘St Louis Gate’, enn reklam sa’! And this is not sarcasm. My quoting above a Bible prophecy, the core of this note, is proof of that. Granted, before ‘St-Louis Gate’ we have had fairly recently the famous coffers, Sobrinho, Platinum Card, to mention only these, but we have to start somewhere to better prepare ourselves so as not to be bucked off when the ‘unexpected’ are unmasked, and they will be since Bible prophecies are infallible. The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected, tighten your seat belts for the forced landing.

I’ll take the bet  – ‘on n’est pas au bout de nos surprises’!