Dr Michael ATCHIA

(for DWM)

Claire Short:  « Whatever question one asks about the progress being made by a nation, the answer is good governance »

How do we improve politics in this country? How to obtain really ethical behavior from our elected representatives? How can we really achieve a state of governance whereby SERVICE TO THE NATION is paramount, where there is equity towards ALL?

At the last general elections (2014) – and indeed at many previous elections- was the source of ills the ‘wrong choice’ of candidates in many cases by Party Leader(s)?  Did considerations such as religion, caste, family connections, financial contributions, loud mouth etc often take precedence over the profile of the ideal candidate?

So we ask ourselves this question: What is an ideal politician’s profile? Consider this list:

Profile of the ideal politician

calm, courteous, honest, tolerant, flexible, simple, respectful, peaceful, humble, diplomatic, charismatic, positive thinker, an ethical person.

Rich academic/technical/social background,
excellent general knowledge,
good knowledge of country, society, community, constituency,
Knowledge of legislations, economics, sociology, environment.

excellent communication skills,
leadership skills,
conflict resolution skills,
negotiation skills,
unifying skills.

Service oriented
Clear vision of achievable goals,
Clear political ideology, democratic,
open to other cultures, ability and willingness to seek consensus and if need be compromise.
Track record-

evidence of non-sectarian social involvement,
contribution to nation building, patriotic activities
capacity to stand up for what s/he believes in
Capacity to unite people
Taste for simple and sustainable living
Evidence of integrity
Capacity to walk the talk
Capacity to resist lobbies
Concern for equity and equal opportunities for all
Concern for the vulnerable groups
Respect for human rights
Respect for women
Command respect from others
Commitment to serve the whole country/nation, not  family/friends/supporters, agents/own community
Capacity to make own, learned decisions, based on best advice available and not to rely heavily on “lobbyists » and other pressure groups.
In this crucial choice of candidates to be proposed to the electorate to represent them, the Party Leaders have immense powers. So of course have we, the electorate, since we are the decision-makers.