En primeur, des morceaux choisis du livre “Destiny”, dont le lancement est prévu demain dans la capitale. La page Forum laisse libre cours à l’imaginaire au gré des oeuvres de Mamade Kadreebux, photographe hors pair. Une première expo dans ces colonnes pour un art vivant qui défie les limites du temps et de l’espace ; qui établit, dans l’immédiateté, une relation entre « l’autre » et le « soi ». A découvrir !
I cannot disregard the difficulties of writing this book. I had to look back over a wide expanse of time to weigh, in my own soul, the virtues of innocence against the dreadful burden of poverty.
 I therefore dedicate this book, blessed by so many hands, to the children with no shoes, for whom a pencil is as precious as a pearl, and for those who are continuously expelled from their dreams by the artificial barriers of society and for those who travel the thorny path of discovery and continue to strive for the sake of humanity.
“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed”.
These were the words of the great maestro himself. They resonated in my mind as I began to explore his works, read his books, and enjoy his photography.
Now I stand in front of the river of time as it flows from a source unknown towards its endless eternity. I have returned home after a long absence. I am in my grandmother’s garden. This is where I started in life. This is where I have returned. My heart is moved to speak.
 The house is now silent. Those who were here before me have performed their part in the will of creation and have travelled to a new dawn in the abode of time.
 Another cycle of time begins. There are some links that connect us all, that lie beyond the veil of time.
 The sun is now rising in the tropical sky. A cloud of birds lift towards heaven and return to the leaves upon the mulberry tree. The sea breeze is blowing. The leaves of the garden utter a sigh. A nostalgic peace descends into my heart.
All seem to be united once again in the timelessness of the great whole.