« Clean the air! Clean the sky! Wash the wind! Take the stone from the stone, take the skin from the arm, take the muscle from the bone, and wash them. Wash the stone, wash the bone, wash the brain, wash the soul, wash them wash them! – T.S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral.

There is no doubt that politicians have been washing our brains with hopes since our independence. This transition, from explanation and by putting it into practice provides, fundamentally, space to understand the complexities of human behaviour and by re-creating a garden where humans connect and build their relations within different cells to approach the future. As I write this, I feel the weight of a fragile future embracing me and my country in terms of rapid development, trade and direct foreign investment or simply being in favour of globalisation. Well, it is all about financial gain! Particularly, I wonder for my generation as the call has been launched for the upcoming General Elections on the 7th of November 2019. Whether we want it or not, we cannot ignore the cold hard truth while we are supposed to enjoy a perfect summer in our paradise. I personally can’t wait to witness the art of politics made by entirely toxic campaigns, while truly re-designing “a supposed fair process” at the end. Country is heart or heart is country? It is important, however, to realise the consequences of political domination because our position to defend ourselves as being mere citizens might be ultimately dead for the next five years of mandate irrespective of which party will win and make its seat in the process.
First and foremost, don’t laugh because the ridicule is us. We give politicians our votes because it is our responsibility and duty but then, they turn them into masquerading plans for their own pockets to ripen. That process is really meant to serve only those in power without considering the people at the bottom and middle of the social pyramid. Many events, whether socially or economically, have occurred rapidly during the last decade, as we have all witnessed, without having a chance to breathe, and to adapt in our daily lives, regardless of whether the government cares or not. “Never trust a politician!”, because we already know after elections, they would be back to business and this means that solutions for our essential public goods and services will not be dealt with completely. Has there been any good political party which has produced real results without violating our rights and consents? For better or for worse, we are struggling and are obsessed to maintain repression for our present and future. In other words, we are forced intentionally to launch fate in our minds. It is enough to make us think where the trouble is and at the same time, we call it democracy which ruins our collective intelligence. Ironically, we are often faced with John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address of 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” On a tide of despair, when we feel it’s crumbling and when we only hear silences in many of us, I personally and heavily describe it as pitfalls of democracy and freedom. Today, things have changed but not that much. Wonderful improvements seem to be too valuable as in terms of production. In the end, workers are still considered as glorified puppets in the hands of masters. This is the heart of the matter where we are exposed in a different manner and in a position with different interests of not creating a decent nation. This discontinuity and formulation will never lead to real development and would be based on a weak balance unless we want to build, maintain a better environment with human imagination influenced by history, culture and performance which go along with current technologies. Answering to the above questions would determine the outcomes of our own choices.