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It’s raining cats and dogs at the time I am penning this short note to remind how situations are changing almost overnight, shifting from one woeful situation to another.

Only days ago there were genuine fears that our reservoirs were dangerously nearing dead storage levels, that would have caused staggering hardships across the Island, to add to ongoing and persistent woes befalling us for quite a while, some getting from bad to worse, notwithstanding  the Tsar’s reference, earlier this year, to the ‘feel good factor’, yet another demonstration of the dream-selling tactics of the ruling incumbents – construction of 12,000 houses before the end of the present mandate somewhere around end of 2024 or early 2025  (if ever they reach that point), extension North, East, South and West of Metro, (a token of their sense of priority, that mega project  SAJ once qualified ‘sa kouyonad la’),  no recession*, to mention only these. At times we may even wonder, ‘dream-selling’ or just p…..ng on us! A situation saddeningly buttressed by some big guns of the Private Sector like the one who recently declared ‘nous sommes sortis grandis de la crise’. (Admittedly one of these very top guns advised caution. Ils se reconnaîtront). And Ramgoolam was right to point out ‘feel good factor’ for whom, and he named some of the “more equal”. Stunningly, I find myself compelled, once again, to agree with the designated challenger, manifestly a rare occurrence!

Now, on the heels of that apprehension mentioned above, heavy rainfall almost uninterruptedly for days on end, granted to fill our reservoirs to obviate one staggering and unprecedented crisis, but with its lot of disturbances and annoyances to thousands living in those ‘unfortunate regions’, added to the damage to plantations and infrastructure with their ensuing consequences and costs, too early to assess the full extent of the damage caused. A case of ‘sap dan pwalon tom dan dife’? Feel good factor, did he say!!!

Such heavy rainfall was surprisingly the reminder that even for the common people ‘climate change’ is nowadays a household term, albeit many may not fully comprehend such changes have been triggered by human activities, now already expertly-established, hence the planetary scramble to attempt to reverse the trend, while the efforts to this end have only, at best, been half-hearted, not to speak of ways to circumvent public commitments. The (in)famous COPs, the next one to be in Egypt, only opportunities for rumbling speeches and commitments, only ‘pour la galerie’.

And they persistently speak of 2030, even 2050, to achieve some headway. Believe it or not – and this comes from the most reliable source; any need for me to specify? -, well before these target dates, the entire planet would have already been through the most staggering event in human history. The writing on the wall is already around in manifold modes. Were humans to be successful to really and totally reverse the trend that have wreaked so much havoc worldwide, they will belie that Bible prophecy I have quoted in previous notes: ‘….and God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth’** (Bible book of Revelation chapter 11, verse 18).

I have deliberately avoided, this time, to dwell too lengthily on Bible prophecies, and to stand by my previous decision not to reveal, at this point of time at least, a ‘major prophecy’ for our times, indeed an unprecedented watershed, allowing in the meantime political masters to continue with their bragging, lies and bluffs, dream-selling – not only here but worldwide as the ‘Bald‘ recently rightly pointed out ‘pa zis dan Moris’ – until they are totally caught off-guard!

(*The World Bank recently warned of global recession coming, but oddly enough this crucial piece of information was not appropriately relayed in the media.)

(** There is need to remind that ruining the earth is not limited to human activities that trigger climate change, but a slew of behaviours and tendencies that contribute to such ruin.)


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