I loved you, you said you loved me.

What’s left today?

Of those sweet nothing only you knew something

One thought one wish at that time were bliss

Each morning afresh and new to run towards you

Life is love, love is life which is which why strife?

Cupid`s arrow tore many hearts into shreds

But you were mine, my hero in all joys and sorrow

Somehow came thunder with all its blunder

None of yours were alike all of mine took a dislike

There shall be no smile wanting is futile

Somebody please reason: Love is immortal in all seasons

Above us a common roof a common earth beneath our hoof

For you for me for all of us the sun always sleeps in the west

Love is a gift to all being peace and harmony our path in destiny

Please men tear us not apart of mankind we are all part

Alas, one day you were gone, feelings bygone

No away you were sent, tears swallowed in silent

A few words I now receive a feeling I perceive

A wish to come true above all hue

« Love, I need you, let’s end this misery, hear

The bridge is near, tend me your hands, no fear »

With years you are now bent, why repent?

Oh dear! You do blame me, you’re not fair to me

The untold story

Besieged I was by fearful means to which nothing did mean

Rather leave you in grief I decided in brief

To a distant land I did go far away from the shackles you know

Wind and rain I braved with your love the essence of my life

At no time day or night did your thoughts ever miss my mind

Master I am of my own fate now in this land of peace, love no hate

The rest of my days next to you I want to spend, make up for the time went

I cup my both hands in front of you today

Fill them with your love and affection

I’ll shower you with all the care and attention

However said « True love knows no seasons »