Synthetic drugs you say? More like synthetic poison! With 53.6% of hospital admissions due to drug abuse complications being linked to synthetic drugs according to 2020 official figures, and one in every two such cases being youngsters aged 24 or under according to 2018 figures, Mauritius cannot claim to be a paradise anymore. Well, maybe it is for the drug traffickers, but it is more like hell for our youth who have fallen victim to this poison! The government’s National Drug Control Master Plan (NDCMP) seems like a solid plan on paper, but unless we are able to hold the relevant officials and ministers to account for its successes and failures, then I am sorry to say that this is just an eyewash. I urge anyone reading this to familiarise yourself with the NDCMP and to hold the government to account for any target that has been missed already. After all, huge sums of taxpayers’ money, your money, are being spent on this plan published over two years ago! Fighting this national poison is as much a priority as fighting the Covid-19 virus!