Gaata Rahe Mera Dil: an awesome performance

I had been looking forward to Sunday 3rd September since the announcement of the musical event in the papers weeks before. I had made a mental note of not booking myself for anything else on that date. After looking for the ideal seat, we bought our tickets. We did not want to miss anything of the musical treat.

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On the day, as we drove by the Caudan Arts Centre, we saw people of our age group; their dress code and body language betrayed their way to THE show. When we reached the lobby, we were surprised to be greeted by friends and relatives. Also we were very happy to see young people accompanying the elders of the family. We took our seats. People were talking around. Finally the show started. We were mesmerized by the perfect rendition of the music that for decades we have listened on the radio. We have grown up listening to the songs and knowing by heart the lyrics which have accompanied the joys and sorrows of our life as we grew up and got older. We were amazed by the performance of each and every musician who created magic from the instruments.

The timeless magic that usually came out of our radio was played in our midst! What a pleasure for the senses. Our eyes tracked the specific instrument and artist creating the magic sounds. It is true that as simple Mauritians, we listened to orchestras playing Bollywood classics but this time the experience was exceptional due to the philharmonic orchestra. The harmonious fusion of the instruments created an authentic ambience. This musical experience is to be lived as words are unable to convey the emotions that were elicited. On this rich music, the vocal prowess of the singers, in solo or duo, brought to life the charming songs of the golden era of Bollywood. Pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho The ensemble of singers and musicians transported us on a journey full of beauty without any trace of nostalgia as we felt energized and full of vitality.

The singers did full justice to our favourite songs, creating a unique communion as we followed their breath. Without faltering, our eyes followed their singing. The super hits of Kishore Kumar roused all the feelings that were lying dormant in our heart and our emotions surged forth giving us so much pleasure. Party scenes in Bollywood films where the actor/actress plays a mellifluous song on the piano always had been one of my favourites. So, after the entr’acte, without any introductory hint, when the divine sounds resounded from the piano, we were at first apprehensive lest it was just a trial but then we were blessed with a sublime performance: Jeevan ke din chhote sahi hum bhi bade dil wale. The show continued in this vein, highlighting in turn, the mastery of each artist playing the violins, the guitars, the saxophone, the trumpet, the sitar, the flute, the accordion, the drums, the percussions, the octopod and the keyboard. We basked in this atmosphere created by the melodious fusion of the east and the west. We cannot forget to mention the Bollywood film scene used as background for each song.

At first this background was a distraction from the music and artists but then who can be insensitive to the beauty of actress Raakhee in the film “Blackmail” or the love triangle in the movie “Silsila” and the entanglement of the actors in real life. For two and a half hours we were transported on this wonderful journey of Bollywood music. For days after the show, the experience lingers and enlivens our everyday life. Thank you IMMEDIA for this unique cultural experience, big thanks to all the artists and to the musical director.

A thrilled fan of the show, P. R.

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