If you, simple pleb as you are, were awaiting novel ideas, debates and concepts in this year’s general elections, take out your handkerchief and start wiping your tears in frustration. Literally, the same sorry spin is back. Let’s do a quick checklist:
• Last-minute political promises in an attempt to convert us (minus the holy water)
• The traditional meetings, complete with loudspeakers, firecrackers (hey, New Year is in a couple of months!)
• Not-so-entertaining politicians with the same old rhetoric and turncoat mindset (so predictable!)
• Briani parties, ‘baz’, posters, colourful banners (the Bal-kouler of the ‘Holi’ spirit is well past us though) which are thrust in our faces on a daily basis
• The long noses of pseudo religious henchmen poking openly into the political cauldron (competing with Pinocchio’s nose? No salvation then!)
And to top it all (I am actually allocating a paragraph to this cause), a meagre number of female candidates have been aligned as candidates by the major political blocks! What an achievement, ladies and gentlemen! (Slow clap) Barely a handful but let’s not complain too much because we do not have enough capable women in Mauritius. Rejoice and praise the lord for these mere morsels of women candidates. Anyway, women are a rapidly disappearing species in Mauritius, soon to be extinct like the Dodo. At least, they are present as showpieces for now. Soon, there will be solely men in the political arena.
So, you good people of the 21st century, sit back and enjoy the archaic circus show of the General Elections 2019!