There was once a big competition in the skies about who was the most powerful god. Each and every single god would come forward and flex his big muscles while the goddesses would secretly poke fun at their vanity. They amused themselves by placing bets on who would win the contest.

The God of Dirt came on stage and poured endless amounts of filth from his pots and pans. The God of Gym came forward to show off his toned body. The God of Wind wasted no time in conjuring a powerful cyclone which started shaking the whole world. And so continued the catwalk of the gods until the very last one was left; the God of Stupidity. Among all the jeers of his competitors and the giggling of the goddesses, that god came on stage and scratched his head. He might be stupid but he was determined to win the contest. He was aware that he had no major talent apart from his overwhelming idiocy. Then, his eyes sparkled! He had an idea!

Indeed, he had countless disciples on earth and decided to make use of their services. There was one particular disciple he was quite fond of and he wasted no time in contacting him via his telepathic powers. The faithful devotee, whose name was Biscuit, was already famous for his wagging tongue which embarrassed every soul he came in contact with. There was no better choice than him!
Since Biscuit was one of the leaders of a country affected by the cyclone unleashed by the God of Wind, the God of Stupidity could find no better opportunity to show of what mettle he was made! Therefore, he infused a lot of drivel into his disciple’s mind. The result was instantaneous! Biscuit, who was in the midst of a press conference, yelled, « My friends in distress! I, Biscuit, am the greatest gift to you in such harsh times! Just a taste of me and all your sorrows will disappear! »

The uproar and outrage that followed caused a lot of chaos in the country. People threw their broken shoes and torn underwear at Biscuit, who had to run for his life and bury himself into a big hole! That was too much for all the gods and goddesses who laughed and laughed! The God of Stupidity was crowned as the worthy winner of the contest due to the number of loyal devotees he had on earth. Thus, instead of biting the dust, he bit the biscuit!

By BAW BAW God of Citizens