At the end of the world Cycle the souls are tainted with impurities, and reach their total stage of degradation. It’s then time for the Merciful God Father Shiva to incarnate to end up this darkness of ignorance and bring light in the whole humankind, showing the gateway to peace and happiness…..
The Almighty Father Shiva’s message to His children is:
“I am a soul.  I am the Supreme Soul.  This means I am the Highest of all.  Even though you have given Me many names, My name is Shiva.  Shiva is the one who does only good.  I am the eternal Benefactor.  I am the Seed, the Creator.  The Creator is only One.  God is One.”
“I am the eternal Alchemist who changes the old to new, the impure to pure, the sorrowful to the happy.  Only God makes hopeless souls into souls who have hope.  I make possible the impossible.  It is by remembering the original self that old habits are broken.  The soul’s bitter bondages are dissolved by remembering Me.  Through God’s knowledge, the soul becomes master of the five senses.  The soul becomes conscious of itself and aware of its own original beauty.”
“Through the power of silence, the soul reaches for a new life.  I quench your thirst for love, self-respect and self-control.  When your behaviour changes, then relationships change.    Your relationship with God is the foundation and the seed.  As the seed grows and gains strength, the self is transformed and so, in time, the world is transformed.  Negative ways of thinking and behaving automatically end where sorrow and a lack of peace are removed gently, without force.”
“I am the One who leads you through the age of transformation.  From the world of silence, and in silence, in connection with you souls who remember Me, I change everything that is dark into light.  This is the period of time on earth when I destroy the old and the new emerges.  As I help the pure qualities of love, peace and happiness to re-emerge, the negative qualities that bring sorrow are automatically dissolved.  I am the eternal Surgeon whose pure light painlessly removes suffering and distress.  You are my child and I hold your hand and watch over you as your awareness changes from the mundane to the divine.”
“O soul, awaken yourself, it’s now time to go back to your true home – the soul world.  For this you have to drink the nectar of divine knowledge and purify yourself through meditation.”