Jeewan Ramlugun 

You have grown ostensibly big,

well-fed, rather overfed.


A lot of smart thinking

and deft, if heavy, footwork have added

immeasurably to your stature.


You can freely throw your weight about;

though you can endure

some slights, you will fight

tooth and nail

to get your own way,

always on the high ground to prevail.


You conveniently overlook

the fact that you have amassed,

purely for your own sake,

all the sinews of your sustenance and

survival, at other worlds’ expense.


But a dire end may be in sight,

apocalyptic at that,

with wants far outstripping needs,

the sources drying.


Yet you consign the last shreds

of your conscience, your compunction

to the conflagrating cauldron

where you will be irredeemably consumed

taking with you the world.


So while there may be much fright

there will be no flight,

no escaping.