The blazing sun adorning our blue skies,

Amidst the chilly wintery breeze,

The comforting music playing

On the radio, accompanying us on our trips,

The warm smiles of our neighbors, our friends,

And even strangers as they meet us

All around the island,

The soft scenery that the island sculpts for itself


All of these,

Speak to us!

Open the heavily locked gates of your heart

And listen,

You shall hear the island as it hums

Of how gratitude is of crucial importance

Even if we live in a world

Whose essence flows and slips from our tight grips

As easily as would water!

Yes, you shall hear the island sing,

Of how being adaptable and stoic in this difficult

Time that we are going through

Is necessary and of how

Amidst this pandemic pandemonium,

We are to keep our gaze held up

Towards the silent skies and

Tell them that we acknowledge

Of the fact that we are in the Kali Yuga

And that we accept the load of our karma

As it weighs upon us!


If we open to the island,

Our own inner secret garden,

There where we can be ourselves

Without having upon us,

The imprint of a fake society,

We shall tune in to the island’s symphony

And by merely listening to it,

We shall yearn to sit,

In front of mirrors

Just to watch life go by,

As capriciously as it would will to

Because we shall understand

That our essence is of futile nature!


We do exist for a cause, and

Even if we are confused about that,

We should be able to come to learn

To accept that

We have no control over anything

That makes us who we are!

And while we exist,

We should make it a must,

To be understanding

And to filter out those impurities

That can pollute our inner oceans

As only when we shall get cleansed

Shall our energies synchronize

With that of our monumental little island!