Recently, 3 employees got injured while replacing some burnt out bulbs from lighting fixtures on a football pitch. This accident reminds us of the importance of health and safety at the design stage of a project.
It is very rare that the advice of Safety and Health professionals are sought at the very start of major projects. The architect and the decorator usually make wonders regarding their work but at times fail to see the health and safety aspects when it comes to construction as well as cleaning and repair works after the handing over of the work to the client.
Consequently, it is a common scene to see the maintenance and cleaning guys working in very awkward, difficult and dangerous positions so as to carry out very simple but important maintenance works. Thus, it is of crucial importance that the coming Building Act take that into consideration ; for any construction above 5000 feet, the design plan should be vetted and signed by a qualified Safety and Health professional who should ensure that the plan abides by the conditions as laid down in the Occupational Safety and Health Act 2005 and the relevant enactment and Regulations as well as the ILO code of practice of health and safety in construction.
This would help a lot in decreasing accidents and ill-health at work as well as eliminating costs of alterations afterwards.