Sourced in the Indus River region,

roots in the Devanagari

the script of the heavenly

sacred city,

of ancient Brahmi origin,

with the characteristic symmetrical

rounded configurations

within squared shapes and horizontal

lines atop the full letters,

a people’s, a nation’s lexicon

it became, embodying the arts

aesthetics, sentiments, values,

lores, meanings, the sum total

of culture, precept and thought.


It has spread with the Diasporas

beyond all borders

of time and space, adding

immeasurably to its dissemination,

affording multiple prospects for learning,

enabling many universes of discourse,

with semantic bridges connecting

diverse perspectives, to human horizons

ever new extending.


Spoken, written, intuited, decoded, it is more

than an expressive medium

(a powerful one at that);

a ‘par excellence’ linguistic signifier

and unifier

it is destined, with its universalism

to have an ever-widening appeal and



16 August 2018