The first way is by making many people poor enough that their life expectancy falls because of degraded living conditions. Besides poor people have a lot less access to the kind of medical options that richer people have. For example because he had a  HYPERLINK « » \t « _blank » Gulfstream V Steve Jobs was able to seek a liver over a much bigger distance – wherever his plane could take him in 6 hours – than someone without a jet.??Inflation is also a key driver of inequality. Especially that  HYPERLINK « » \t « _blank » we now know that the inflation of the poor is about 3% higher than the headline number. Inequality will  HYPERLINK « » \t « _blank » bring people to the streets – like in the  HYPERLINK « » \l « Causes » \t « _blank » Arab Spring and elsewhere – and clashes may cause loss of lives.??Of course if inflation is very high things can get very ugly. And that too on a horrendous scale. Like in 1930s Germany where hyperinflation helped put a little guy with a moustache in power. And the world eventually went to war:  HYPERLINK « » \l « Casualties_and_war_crimes » \t « _blank » between 50 and 85 million people died in WWII.??No wonder then that Central Banks have been setting inflation targets for  HYPERLINK « » \t « _blank » more than 25 years now – roughly the period of time Lutchmeenaraidoo was not Finance Minister. With the  HYPERLINK « » \t « _blank » blessings of their governments. As inflation is a major reason why politicians lose power. In fact we owe it to Governor Basant Roi for  HYPERLINK « » \t « _blank » one of the best descriptions of inflation so far – he likened it to radioactivity. Which makes it all the more interesting to check his inflation record. And compare it to Manou Bheenick’s.