Sanjay Jagatsingh

That’s easy. Just check the democracyshrinking bill on electoral reform that the PM brought to parliament recently. If a party doesn’t line up at least 1/3 of women or men (see p6) it will lose its party status and will therefore not get any proportional representation (PR) seats. If a PR-MP crosses the floor his or her seat may be declared vacant under certain conditions. Clearly these are sanctions. But look for one if you don’t line up candidates from more than one community in the 21 ridings and you will find none. Are there sanctions if names on the party lists don’t reflect some of our diversity? Nope. Any sanctions if the best loser seats as defined in the dangerous proposal are attributed to members of one community? Ziltch. We know that the BLS has deprived us of some really good oppositions and that it makes sense to do away with it. Because 37 years of progress is enough proof that the best protection for our nation of minorities is policies that make sense: progressive taxation, respect for the environment and solving national problems. But that’s not what is happening. Attempts are being made to fool us into believing that an autocracy will make us a united country. This is also what the strongman of Rezistans ek Alternativ has effectively been doing for several years.