Jeewan Ramlugun

When you outgrow your humble origins
your unremarkable beginnings,
astride your high horse
you ride across alien terrains
breathing the pure air of the hills
surveying the scenes
with the lordly, imperious eyes
of an almighty master , not in disguise
but for real, in flesh and blood- treasures
untold to appropriate
or misappropriate.

Arrant righteousness into indurate
self-centredness turned, scant
regard for propriety is the result.

What is not yours you want to be yours,
cupidity not as bad as
made out ; yet even a moral calling
can for the sake of expedience
lead to perfidious profiting.

The world is not really
at your feet; you are merely
trampling on supine or helpless humanity,
unable to stem and staunch
your onslaught on decency, to such
an extent that those whom you subjected
to your wiles and guiles, in the end
become resigned to your grandiosity
and you find no limit to your temerity.

19 September 2018