I am woman
Made of flames and fire
Of softness and sensuality
Of gullibility and guts
Of intuition and instinct
Of creation and cosmic power
Of dew droplets and desirous fluids!

I am woman
I have in me
Rights imprinted on my flag
Laws carved out on my soul
And respect brandished on my banner!

I am woman
Made of beauty and brains
Of cyclones and summers
Of chills and winters
I am woman,
My body is my temple
Created by a power over which
I have no hold
Meant to be used as a tool of seduction
To entice the other part of my soul
The only one to whom
I give the sacred permission
To play me
As if,
I were the keys of a piano
Or the strings of a guitar!

I am woman
My essence
Curvy and swaying
Is held in an invisible cage
Held tight by a padlock
A padlock ignited by the rules of moral principles
As have been decried
By those higher powers watching over me from afar!

I am woman
I seek not power
I seek,

Bestow it upon me
And I shall give you
Ripe fruits
Red and juicy
From the orchard of my abilities
As have been deemed to be my duty’s lot
Before I even took birth!