[The words of this letter are a prayer for the girl that dwells within, for the girls that came before us and for those who shall come after us. Please pause and allow yourself to receive through these words. May you be reminded of your enoughness now and till the end of time.]

My Precious One,

I see you. I see the magnanimous beauty of who you are.

You are yet to see it and I pray that one day, as you glow consciously your glow will whisper your magic to you.

My words may not make sense right now. My intention is to plant this seed within the fertile soil of your inner lands, trusting, knowing and believing that one day you will own the glow that you are.

Seeing each other is sacred but most importantly, seeing you as the being who is enough in her own rights is the ultimate act of sacredness.

I pause to see you, to acknowledge your presence right here right now and beyond.

The sight of you is enough. Your very presence on earth is enoughness.

 As you move through life, you will be reminded of having to be something else and to do otherwise to reach that enoughness, “do not mind this world”, for this world was not acknowledged the way you are, this world was not mirrored of its own beauty.

 Do not mind this world, for this world is not as wise as you. You are wise beyond your understanding and this wisdom of yours come from seeing your self as enough.

 There is nothing that you have to do and be to be worthy of love, respect, companionship and celebration.

 You are enough and may this enoughness of yours awaken the enoughness in those who will cross your path.

 May your glow awaken you to your truth and may your awakening awaken others.

Know that this enoughness of yours includes gently, fiercely, kindly, rawly, sorely and soulfully all that is.

 By choosing to see you as enough, I am including my own self within you. Hence by choosing to see and witness your self as enough you shall include it all, me, you and us within you.

 Come what may, do not shy away from your enoughness. Come what may, do not dime your glow.

 I see you and I see the magnanimous beauty of who you are.

I see you and I see the wise ones, the cheeky ones, the wicked ones, the laughing ones, the warrior ones, the leading ones, the knowing ones, the birthing ones, the dying ones, the ones who came before you and the ones yet to come.

I see you and I see lives of wisdom, lives of enoughness

Love from my heart to yours.

Goddess Aunt – Guide – Friend – Woman

PS: I will encourage women who will read this letter, to read it out for your own self first and to send it out to daughters, sisters, nieces, mothers, aunties, grandmothers and any woman we will come across.

May we be reminded of our enoughness

May we see each other

May we acknowledge our magnanimity.