Step Ahead Primary School

This time last year, I was in Year 6. My friends and I were preparing for the PSAC examination studiously with the help of our teachers and parents. The exams were in a couple of months and we were still finishing the syllabus. When the virus spread in the island, we were put in confinement and then in a total lockdown. At my school, we did our work online. It was hard to work online but then I got used to it. We even finished the syllabus online! Our teachers gave us revision work afterwards. When the government lifted the confinement, we were happy to go back to school where we mostly did revision for Science and History and Geo for the December exams. We worked hard and when we got back to school in January, we were a bit tired to be in Year 6 again, but we focused on the remaining subjects.
Now two weeks away from the examination and there is another lockdown! We were so close to finish Year 6! After getting the news about the confinement I felt a bit relieved but mostly frustrated. But I understand that it is not anyone’s fault as it is a virus that no one can control. For the confinement so far, we haven’t done any work online. But my mum and I are still doing some revision for me not to lose touch with work.
I can’t wait to take part in the exams and move from Year 6.