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The Beautiful Days are approaching,

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When you will be in the Holy Land O Muslims,

In the garb of pilgrims,

You will get to taste the elixir of life,

Which purifies one from all sins

And brings one to the pinnacle of submission,

To the Lord’s Will;

This fortune has been opened for you,

O you travellers to Arabia,

Let the sight of the Holy Ka’aba bedazzle you

Into submission to the Almighty;

O Muslims,

May your hearts open to the true Islam,

Devoid of any worldly selfishness and passion,

May your flight to the deserts of Arabia,

Cause you to be cleanse,

Like the pure water of Zamzam,

Fill the deserts with your devotion and praises of Allah,

Fill your hearts with pure love for your Creator,

Let no evil touch you,

And may the Heavens be opened for you,

In appreciation of your sacrifices for Allah’s Cause;

When the Hand of the Clock of Time calls you O Hajjis,

Submit to your destiny,

And let the angels sing your praises before the Lord of Praise,

In recognition of your sacrifices, O Hajjis;

The hardships, the fears, the turmoil of life will not touch you,

If only you submit to the Will of that Creator

Who has shaped you and breathed into you His spirit,

And granted the opportunity to purify yourselves

All over again,

Like newborns to the touch of the Sun of Life,

This humble servant of Allah wishes you,

From the bottom of my heart,

A safe and blessed journey to Arabia;

The Land of Allah’s Most Beloved Prophet calls you,

To test the mettle of your faith,

And to grow and glow spiritually,

Into enriched souls,

Devoid of the vanity of this temporal world,

May your sacrifices be recognised, appreciated and

Accepted by the Almighty O Hajjis

This is my humble prayer for you,

So that the Heavens may enrich you,

With the wealth of Islam and Iman,

And the ability to treasure these trusts,

In your souls throughout your lives,

Until the final call comes over you,

Like the sweetness of the Azaan [The Call of Prayer]

In the ears of the newborns. Insha’ Allah, Ameen.

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