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In your prison by the sea


The phone pings

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they notify us before dropping their bombs

“We aren’t trying to kill you”, they contend.

There is nowhere to run to.

The borders are closed.

Your papers are worthless

Global South citizen with American dreams.

“We protect you”, they insist.

They think of it as some kind of democratic act

some kind of fascist courtesy

Does it matter?

For a brief moment, you catch your breath laughing at a meme

Tomorrow is another day

Wishful thinking…

Groundhog Day, Groundhog life, Groundhog history.

You share the last piece of bread for this week

“You should count your blessings”, they sneer.

It will get better when…When?

You live in the wrong place

In your prison by the sea

Set ablaze by a proselytic Sun

Your dreams burning at the stake

Your sun-kissed skin is no longer a blessing.

It doesn’t matter what you had planned

It doesn’t matter who you are

A lifetime is not long enough

To grow,

To build something,

To find love,

To lose love,

To stand on your two legs,

To prove you are Human,

To escape your prison by the sea.

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