Leader – Lalians Lespwar

Many of us are no expert in constitutional matters. We do know though that on Thursday part of our democracy was at stake. Denying the right of thousands of citizens of Mauritius to vote is unacceptable. It doesn’t speak to the Mauritius We Want for our children nor a Mauritius that’s vibrant, modern inclusive, digital.
Lalians Lespwar is urging all leaders of political parties to join forces with us in requesting the EC to kindly accept those outstanding voters. It would be the right thing to do. Ideally, we are requesting another day for the outstanding voters to come forward and vote; and that these votes would then complete the final results.
On Thursday, we witnessed countless men, women, youngsters going to vote with courage and determination. It sent a good signal. I saw however, how visibly upset many were to be denied this very right to vote. The reasons are simply not acceptable (you are « not on the list! »). The many voters are not percentages, however small it is being argued that they are. These are names, people, personalities, individuals who MAKE UP MAURITIUS.
We have many proposals of reforming the system (votes/counts to be done on same day, to be done on weekend, reforming the People’s Act, having a centralized database for example the EC could have cross-checked addresses with the NIC associated with, introducing new secure blockchain technology, to be more transparent, financing, boundaries reform, IBA rules, number of minutes allowed per party on MBC, etc…).
But today we are asking for only one area of consideration: allowing those voters to vote. The EC, Mr Irfan Rahman, is a gentleman and very knowledgeable. Always a pleasure to meet him. But today we need to step up as a nation and we ask that we collectively help Mr Rahman to challenge the status quo.
Everyone needs to be able to vote.
Last time, it was about declaring your community on submission for the Nomination Day. Today it’s about not being on the list. What’s tomorrow going to look like ?
We hope all political leaders and the EC will favourably respond to this request, in the name of our democracy.
Let’s break the system once and for all.