The Love Generation is dead, lamented Cupid

I see no pure feelings,

I see no will to suffer for love,

I see no patience in intentions

No understanding,

Not even any sort of compromise

Nor do I see any selfless abandon

Nor do I sense belief in the power which drives life!

The Love Generation is dead, lamented the Love God

Who would have thought that

What was once the essence inhabiting all humans

Has been captured by the Evil Monsters of Darkness

And has been shut tight, in a cage

Kept hidden somewhere in the steepest mountains

Of the most barren regions of the world?

Love has now been replaced by Lust,

Love has now adorned itself of the dress of Selfishness

Its crown with cupidity

And perfumes itself with the drops of Distrust!

The Love Generation is dead, sighs Cupid,

Now, those who love genuinely

Get mocked at, as if feelings

Make one not into a feminist woman

And certainly make one not into a macho man!

Sulking, Cupid nevertheless takes in his palms,

The falling stars of Love

And blows them all over the Universe!

Pray, if humans have been unable to battle

With Evil and its horrors,

Somewhere, somehow,

Hearts still beat and those beats

Are revered,

As if, they were,

The elixir of eternal ecstasy!