We badly need treatment for our amnesic politicians and their close collaborators. Make it urgent please! Amnesia (Latet Kokom) has become the biggest scourge to afflict our stressed-out breed of honourable governors, to the extent that they are doing exactly the opposite of what they have promised, in a past which is not so distant. As a layperson, I am seeing a country in disarray, which is struggling to maintain a dignified façade somehow.  The petty internal conflicts gnawing away at both the ruling dalliance and party members have provided us with a ridiculous spectacle where the dirty linen is washed in public on a quasi-daily basis. It is clear that there is a vertiginous lack of consensus and the claws are mercilessly out. Meow!
Apart from the list of ‘provisional’ charges which keeps getting longer and longer and more and more tedious by the day, especially when they are subsequently dropped, squabbling, score-settling and ironically increasingly bad governance, what novelty is there on the Mauritian landscape concerning our honourable rulers? Yes, there are the never-ending international missions with fat perks, while the roads here are still in shambles, unemployment is rife, our health and education sectors are going through turbulent zones, law and order is anxiety-inducing among so many others. It seems that our politicians are also affected by cataracts, where they cannot see the obvious! When their near and dear ones get privileged access to public lands or marine zones (whether for the cultivation of ‘kokoms’ or ‘kokoms de mer’), big fat nominations in key governmental institutions (without forgetting the accompanying juicy wages), how in the world is this proper governance? When protected privileged ones claim that they have applied for a post whose details they are blissfully unaware of, does this mean good governance is an ass? How can one simply apply for a job, without knowing anything about it and still nail it? How ‘Latet Kokom’ can these persons be? Well, we are being taken for a big, bumpy ride! When people dare speak out the truth and rampant inequalities, they are immediately threatened with defamation lawsuits. Where is the freedom of expression? Swept away under the dusty rug of amnesia? Shame!
Therefore, as a caring population, it is imperative to find a cure at the earliest to relieve our politicians of the ‘Latet Kokom’ affliction. The cure is simple: We know, we think, we see, we hear and we shall not be silenced.