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Lead kindly…

I will endow you with light ample

Jeewan Ramgulun
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so you may firmly find your way,

not fumble and stumble

taking others on a journey

that is sought and desired.


I will words of wisdom provide

but you must make them

speak to your heart

and like blood  stream

through the arteries and veins

of your sensibilities

reaching your cognition

and higher consciousness.


You will then perspicacious become,

alive to things that truly matter,

able to separate the wheat

of sense and reason

from the chaff of cant ,

tendentiousness and presupposition.


The hubris of overknowing

the crass act of preconceiving

may a comforting cover provide

to err on the safe side

but the impenetrable darkness

of ignorance

and the sequelae ensuing

may be at too high a price.

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