Lower Six

Disney Movies, Bollywood and Netflix have definitely given us unrealistic love expectations and have always made us dream about the perfect fairytale love story. Dancing in the rain, teen romance, background music, the epic love and the perfect kiss.

But nowadays, Instagram plays its part too. I mean, as soon as I open Instagram I see thousands of cute couples posting about their romantic life: grand gestures, videos of them kissing, cuddling and even showering together! Damn!


And then we have the very famous TikTok, showing happy couples such as Andrea and Ali, dancing, singing, having fun,…It’s a wonderful life, perfect actually. I wonder where do the statistics of divorce and domestic violence come from!

Seeing all these cute stuffs does not only make us, teenagers, crave about love and affection, but also, they create desires of romantic relationships and intimacy.

And us teenagers, scrolling through the newsfeed 24/7, we keep on fantasizing about the perfect love story, and desperately wait for our turn. Lol!

Love is complex. Beyond words. But nowadays, the media has programmed us to look at love through the lenses of only romance and beauty. Just like we see in movies, the prettiest girl attracts the hero and boom! they fall in love.

And just like Ariana Grande said, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”, most teenagers react exactly the same way and end up in serious relationships by the age of 13!

I mean, it’s a trend nowadays! Everyone has a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Furthermore, based on worldwide figures, on average, 35% of teenagers (13-17 years old) have experienced romantic relationships at least once, while 19% of them are currently involved in committed relationships.

Wow! Love is definitely in the air, until now I thought only corona virus was!

But do these teenage relationships even work out? Do they guarantee happiness?

NO! In majority of the cases, they don’t, except for some rare cases.

Because in reality, relationships are nothing compared to the fairy tales projected on screen. Instead, relationships are rollercoasters of emotions: useless cycles of infatuations and love followed by rejections that inevitably hurt feelings. But teenage relationships are like going for a spin, but without wearing the seatbelt. Deadly!

In a world where divorce rates are increasing exponentially, I wonder what makes these teenagers think that their unripe mind and body are going to be able to manage serious relationships!

Furthermore, what’s even deadlier is that many teenagers don’t really give a damn about actually finding the right person and being with them since most of the times they just go for looks, beauty, hairstyle and fashion. Furthermore, some teenagers are just so desperate that even though they know that they are not being treated rightfully by their partner, they refuse to walk away from such a toxic relationship, hoping that one day their relationship is going to achieve the happy ending they pictured and desired, or sometimes even due to peer pressure. And as we all know, relationships are not perfect, never will be. Therefore, problems, arguments and disagreements will always exist. In these circumstances, instead of actually solving certain relationship problems, most teenagers prefer to just jump from one relationship to another.

In fact, some teenagers are just immature and indecisive creatures who are incapable of handling themselves, let alone relationships. Not just that, but to top it all, these very relationships are the ones that have caused teenagers to become victims of lies, manipulations, heartbreaks, betrayal, emotional abuse, unstable mental health, anxiety, depression and what not! By the way, teen pregnancies come as a bonus.

This is definitely why most teen relationships are unstable, unhealthy and most of the times, complicated.

Statistics has it that only 3% of teenage couples manage to make it till marriage. Hence, the rest of them may be automatically doomed!

As such, teenage relationships just prove to be a massive waste of time that distract teenagers from their studies and life goals. Wait a minute, let alone distraction, but do they even have time and the energy to think about their dream jobs and future, other than just planning to marry their current partner and having babies?

And you know what’s hilarious? The aftermath of a breakup, where teenagers start behaving like Kabir Singh! Some are going to become alcoholics, some consume drugs, others start slashing their hands, their legs! What’s next? Their hair?

All of this may sound funny, but in reality, these are just terrible nightmares that innumerable teenagers unfortunately go through, and that too, in an attempt of finding their supposedly one true love.

And obviously for most parents and various departments of the government, these just happen in the movies!

Tragic, isn’t it? Maybe not! It’s the new normal.