Further to the article entitled: “Has Bérenger got a hidden agenda on the remake 2000?” by Ahmad Macky published in Le Mauricien (Forum) dated the 18th February 2014, I would like to point out that there is a lot of weight and truth in what Macky said in his article: that the MSM should stand warned.
Does Bérenger have a card up his sleeve? Bérenger has got the habit of taking us for a ride but this time his intention has been decoded by Macky’s analysis, which had made “la une” of most private radios hours after the publication of his article. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that such an analysis need to be taken seriously as it implies danger ahead for the MSM.
The MSM needs to be on its guard as ‘le ver est déjà dans le fruit’. If the MSM discards Macky’s analysis, it would be at its own risk.  All political experts would agree that Bérenger is not really interested to go ahead with a Remake 2000 as his party will get a better deal and lots of advantages if he jumps on Ramgoolam’s ship.
Mr Ahmad Macky has hit the nail straight on the head. He subtly suggests that the MSM should take certain precautionary measures, especially when he writes: “ We all know that the MMM is Bérenger and it is only Bérenger who decides of everything. As leader of the MMM, Bérenger rarely seeks advice from anyone and he is the only one who decides on any strategic matter.(Remember the case of Azize Asgarally). The MMM is under the rule of a one-man show in the name of Bérenger himself and that’s why many hard core militants left the MMM in the past”
Macky’s analysis brings home the double language of the majority of our politician: that is putting their interests first before that of the country and its population. Bérenger is a political beast who has no friends in politics. What Ahmad Macky writes is not a visionary article but a true verdict of consequence that would and could happen if the MSM takes Bérenger’s declaration on the Remake 2000 lightly without taking a firm action to subdue this authoritative view.
One will always recall, as referred in Macky’s article, about how Mr Azize Asgarally was ejected from the MMM Central Committee on the order of Bérenger only due to a certain political difference. Asgarally disagreed on a point with Bérenger during a meeting at the MMM Central Committee.  Because of his different views he was thrown out from the Committee like an ejected military war pilot. Be warned! This is Paul Raymond Bérenger whose ideology overcomes his political passion.
It is true of what Macky has said that: “ We know that there will be lots of talks and discussions between the MMM and the MSM to make it appear that business as usual. Of course, that sort of talks and discussions tactics will only be for the gallery but in reality the ambers are being covered with ashes. So what next? Only Time will tell. “ In fact what Macky is saying to the MSM that it should beware the ides of March! The MMM Delegates Assembly will give their verdict in March as to whether or not they will accept a Remake 2000.