The Consecration Ceremonies of the deities, following the renovation works carried out recently, were another landmark in the long history of the Arulmigu Sri Maha Vishnu Kovil, Beau-Bassin. Kumbhabhisekam ceremonies are performed to enrich the Shakti of the deities with more energy and vibrations.

Swami Sivasri Umapathy Sivachariyar, assisted by Swami Siva Ponnurangam Pandidhar and other Swamis, presided over the function to strengthen the link of the devotees with the divinities of the century-old kovil. In fact, the Maha Vishnu kovil is the only one in Mauritius to be the abode of Lord Balakrishna; the moortee of Balakrishna was crafted and carved by Tamil artisans locally some seventy years ago. The renovated kovil displays an exuberance of forms and colours, characteristics of Dravidian reminisces of South India. The kovil is filled with exquisite sculptures of the ten Avatars of Vishnu and other deities. The ceremonies leading to the Maha Kumbhabhisekam started as from 21st January 2018; special prayers were performed each day at the Kali Kovil, Chebel.

On 19th March 2018, prayers started as from 4.00 a.m, followed by the Kumbum Procession, the Vimaana maha Kumbhabhisekam, Sri Bala Krishnar and other Murthees Maha Kumbabhisekam, Deepaarathanai, Darsanaam, Maha Abhisekham, Maha Deepaarathanai, Mangalam and Maha Prasadaam. During all these pious moments, devotees, proudly dressed in vestiis and women in their richly ornamented kanjivarams, chanted bajanams accompanied by the thrilling beats of Nageswaram. Every devotee will, with the blessing of Sri Bala Krishnar and other deities, remember this day. The immense Tamil values, culture, traditions will continue to grow and enhance the divine vibrations in them. The Madalabhisekam were performed until the 15th April 2018; prayers and cultural programme were organised everyday.

To mark this auspicious occasion a commemorative plate, blessed by Swami Sivasri Umapathy Sivachariyar, was unveiled by the President of Arulmigu Sri Maha Vishnu Kovil, Sri Siven Chinia-Samban, in the presence of Sri Devanarden Soobramanien, former President of the Sangam. May the blessings of Sri Bala Krishna be showered upon all the devotees.