Maldives has successfully regained its notoriety for being the favourite island destination of the Indian Ocean and it seems that it is on its way to being the best destination of the


world soon. The latest figures published by the Maldivian authorities are very eloquent and exceeding expectations. There has been a  total of 147,744 tourist that have travelled to Maldives from the 1st of January to the 17th of February 2021. According to the Maldivian authorities they are forecasting 1.5 Million tourist arrivals for the period January to December 2021.

Furthermore, Maldives has a very effective air access with no less that 28 international airline companies. The major airlines companies have transported the following number of passengers: Emirates 30,567, Qatar Airways 20,999, Indigo 18, 998, Go Air 17,715, Aeroflot 16, 623, Turkish Airlines 7,015, Fly Dubai 5,297, Maldivian 4,363, Air Astana 3,911, Azur Air Russia 3,687, Lufthansa 3,662, Azur Air Ukraine 3,229, Edelweiss 3,021 as at 17th of February this year.

The ranking of arrivals in terms of country of origin is India 32,970 , Russia 31,019, Ukraine 10,178. The other markets are showing positive signs include Kazakhstan, Romania, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and U.S.A.

It is to be noted that the strategies adopted by the Maldivian authorities are very effective. The destination closed it borders in March 2020 because of the COVID-19. On the other hand, they were courageous enough to take bold decisions as they could not take the risk of jeopardizing an industry which represents the largest sector of Maldives’ economy, providing for more than 28% of GDP and 60% of foreign exchange. They reopened the borders in July 2020 amidst very unstable international travelling conditions and uncertainties about the future of travel. However, with a very affective Marketing campaign which was backed by all the stakeholders Maldives managed to emerge brilliantly. Notwithstanding the fact that the even exceeded the budgeted number of arrivals to reaching 550,000 tourists last year.

Maldives is now leading the Indian Ocean destination while ensuring that tourists can enjoy the best possible holiday experience even in the prevailing situation created by COVID-19. Apart from the protocol and measures taken with regards to Covid 19, the destination is already popular for having a selection of the best resorts of the world. Furthermore, it seems that they are blessed by nature with many islands whereby they provide one hotel on one island  which comforts the guests as they will not interact with big crowds. Even the transfers from the airport to the hotels are on sea planes which cannot carry a lot of passengers. Furthermore, having targeted high-end tourists looking for luxury resorts is very effective.

The Maldivians are very positive and are leading many other competing island destinations. They are also ensuring a safe and unique holiday experience for many international tourists who have waited so long to be able to enjoy and experience the “The Sunny Side of Life” which is the tagline of Maldives.

Reference – Website of the Ministry of Tourism, Maldives