To mark the International Women’s Day, before the unending speeches which will be delivered throughout the world, speeches in which the woman will be exaggeratedly glorified and adored because of her uncountable qualities, at times reaching to infinity, before so many celebrations will be held focussing on the woman of today and yesterday, before all the giving, receiving and sharing of gifts to mark this great women’s day, I would like to start this piece of writing by saying “Thank you gentlemen”. For this year’s International Women’s Day will be special, special as far as it concerns the Mauritian women.
The readers might question me… for what? Why this special thanks at the beginning of this article?
First of all I would like to answer in Shakespearean words and style.
“Every new morn new widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrows strike heaven on the face.” This was the situation created by Macbeth during his rule in Scotland.
In the actual Mauritian way, let’s change the 2nd phrasal clause and say
“Every now morn a new woman is butchered and new orphans are left to be better butchers.”
And all the credit go to the ego-inflated horde of men who unable to face the music, strangle, cut, torture, pester, harass, abuse, in brief they kill to show mastery over their prey, giving extreme satisfaction to the animalistic tendencies or better giving vent to their sadistic feelings of great hatred and revenge.
Consequently, women need to be always on the defensive line. Seamstresses and tailors can do a great lucrative business nowadays providing cutter-proof, grinder proof, or bullet proof attires of great elegance. Women would then resemble the heroines of spectacular movies comprising aliens, U.F.O’s and spacecraft. Would that suffice? I bet no, as I find no armour good enough to face the worst type of bestiality perpetrated by some males  these days.
Let’s keep on the trend, let’s keep following Shakespeare. Delivering the greatest speech ever, Mark Antony, mourning the assassination of Julius Caesar lays much emphasis on the fact that Brutus was an honourable man, a murderer though,
Brutus says he was ambitious and Brutus is an honourable man.
Ambition should be made of sterner stuff And Brutus is an honourable man.
So are they all
And Brutus is an honourable man.

In today’s Mauritius, the paradise island of Mark Twain, a woman is butchered every day, a rape is committed any time, girls are sold the year round and no woman can walk alone, be she a local or a tourist, yet our men are honourable men. No one dares deny that, for they are made of such stern stuff.
The reasons given in all these murder cases, is no doubt the most universalised, most famous or notorious, and most acclaimed in courts and must made up in lawyer’s chambers is that the woman was an “infidel”. And “infidel” like in most Middle  East countries or rural Asian communities, have no right to live.
The murderers then go scot-free for they were all honourable men and life goes on. If the killed women are branded as “infidels” the hidden culprits are other men, no doubt, whom no one dares to kill. The weak woman is a better prey.
All religious, traditions and cultures of the world brandish the men on pedestals from where they are given pertinent and sharp responsibilities. If I am not mistaken, all wedding ceremonies are complete with the final and solemn taking of vows by the bride and the bridegroom.
And one of them coming from the male is to love and protect his wife.
Unfortunately, protection has become a vain word, and love, the most misused one. Studies have shown that even animals and insects give due value and consideration to the females. In this so called modern society of ours, where every man loitering in the dark stands as a potential rapist, where women who are basically wives and mothers and sisters are so cruelly chopped into pieces, we can just say ‘Thank you, gentlemen. Your actions are eye-openers, that caring and sharing within the family is not your cup of tea and trust, love and morality are going to the gutters.
Meanwhile, let’s celebrate the International Women’s day wherever we have been invited to, and go back home to face the realities of a woman’s life, listening to orphans’ sobs mourning for mothers like Hamlet’s  sobs for his father “Father, you have my mother much offended”. So many kids will say that one day.
To conclude in the proper Shakespearean way “We will proceed no further in the business”.
For it seems to be a lost battle against bestiality, be it verbal, be it physical.