Naturally, the governors of our illustrious Republic of Mauritius have been critical, sceptical or even terrified of the national marches organised on 29 August and 12 September 2020. It is a scary prospect for any government in power whenever the people take to the streets in very SIGNIFICANT numbers.

Despite the government’s fear-mongering tactics or playing the ethnicity card, people have not hesitated to make their voices heard. Post-confinement, we have been told to make sacrifices due to the difficult economic situation. Fair enough. Our sick leaves would not be reimbursed, passage benefits would be payable in certain circumstances amongst others. What is not fair is that the governors are not practising what they are preaching. Why should we be the only ones to make sacrifices? Why are some more equal than others? Because we are a Banana Republic?

While the governors have been giving sermon after sermon about how we, as patriots, have to learn to live with less, on the other hand, they have been shamelessly nominating or creating posts for their dearest ones, at the taxpayers’ expense. Yes, these special acquaintances are even keeping their Entertainment Allowance intact just like their well-wishers. This is because they are so exhausted distributing notes among themselves that they have taken a two-month break from their day jobs; parliamentary duties. So, they deem it necessary for their sanity to preserve their perks while so many simple commoners are losing their jobs every day.

There you go! We are marching to remind you that we foot your Entertainment or other allowances. We are struggling but you hardly care. You sing the praise of hypocrisy while protecting your own circle of sycophants. In a self-respecting republic, you would have been the example to follow. And till you do not get it, we shall continue to march.