Martine Moutou

Hey! Look! A flock of sheep, comfy under their fluffy skin, following their leader, step by step, the automaton’s style. Panting, they mount up that hill of life, their minds frozen up by the overwhelming sugar-coated speeches of their elected guru. The latter lured them into believing in some mouth licking promises of breathtaking views on the mountain top and with a heart pounding, they followed through, berserk.

Thirsty for breath and solids, the sheep feel uncomfortable, yet remain unresponsive to their needs at the expense of their leader, on which they relentlessly count to be fed, all the more to earn satisfaction. Meanwhile, wolves, who crept into that dysfunctional circuit, are wandering around, roaring, waiting to catch on vulnerable preys. Eyeballs deeply blurred, the sheep keep on keeping on their route, blindfolded with trust and unshaken confidence in their leader who eventually land them on a cliff.

Eyesight lost; they suddenly bump into each other engaging into a domino effect. Their leader whispered a wicked laugh under his breath, unveiling his mask. Shocked and confused, the sheep cannot wrap their minds around their current situation, pushing their baa of complaints on a heavier tone for their protective coat has been ripped off from their now frail skin.

The so-called leader’s skin falls off to an actual malicious dictator. The sheep could hear some distant shouts from afar. Some black sheep who had set a foothold in their chosen path, were grazing a green and soft meadow on the mountain top. Rebellious, courageous and audacious, they stood firm, using the freedom of democracy to speak up for themselves, not against the voracious wolves clothed as shepherds, but against the systems claiming their rights, thus their lives.

The sheep dwelt on their insecurities, giving free access to an authority which had laid hands on their journey of life, turning them into melancholic robots set on survival mode. The black sheep took possession of their inner power to create the life they want to experience regardless of all the rocky roads and uncertainties life could throw their way. Sheep are fearful dependent creatures while black sheep are fearless independent creatures.

Wake up Mauritius! Unwire, unlearn, unformat these consuming expectations and this grip you have on systems. Wake up Mauritius! Introspect! Strengthen yourself to help birth a life full of fruitful vibes and not destructive lies! Dust yourself off from that fear and go to the battlefield!