The frog that bathes in lukewarm water is, in his head, the king of the world. After all, how nice to be wallowing in warmth and comfort, even if it means ignoring that it has no control on the fire below the pot. As the story goes, it is too late for it to jump out once the temperature gets uncomfortable.

The same philosophy seems to have been adopted by the luminaries in charge of public affairs with a lead role given to the psychotic animator.

Let’s pause for one second and reflect on the chain of events starting 9th March 2021. A recovering economy was brought to a halt once again due to the admirable performance of allowing a virus to run loose in a country with closed borders. Bravo!

All sorts of restrictions were then imposed and the population abided by them dutifully in hope of a fast resolution to the issue which would allow local livelihoods to resume to the new normal which was to run the economy without tourists until the COVID clouds would have dissipated. Based on the 1st COVID lockdown, the recipe was known.

Instead of dissipating the virus, what we got and are still getting is a massive brain constipation by our luminaries. The new normal is in fact a renewed Abnormal that has reached 200+ new cases daily and those luminaries would still have us believe that they are “breaking the Pake”.

A government “touk-touke”

One may ask what was the purpose of imposing all those restrictions which have endangered the livelihoods and well-being of so many people if it was to reach summits of contamination cases day by day with a level of aloofness which only people who know that they won’t be held accountable can display. To recap, we were deprived of our livelihoods in promise of health. Now many among us have neither health nor livelihoods. This carries the definition of ABJECT FAILURE unless the dictionary has been rewritten for our country and one should not be surprised by this result.

This is what happens when governance is by trial and error or if you prefer in our poetic creole, when we have a government “touk-touke”.

On a side note, those who should deserve our utmost sympathies are our students who have had to suffer a greater virus than COVID in the form of wretched, totally clueless, hell-bent on destroying any level of excellence and fundamentally incompetent ministry and associated entities. The display of shameless shithousery since March 2020 in ruining the future of these kids especially those from lower levels of society and the acceptance of this wreckage by most of us should be enough for us all to hang our head in shame in any court where morality would be a cardinal principle.

Let us now turn our gaze to the future. They would have us believe that vaccines are the door to the new heaven when all our liberties will return. Alas, this is akin to a biological Ponzi scheme when the strategy is to build failure on failure in order to avoid looking back at past mistakes. There are enough examples worldwide to illustrate the ravages made by the variants of COVID and the failure of some vaccines. Others have tried the “touk-touke” approach and the results are not pretty. So let this article be a wake-up call to the mortal delusion in which these misfortune merchants are trying to lead us into. Let us not be the frog waiting to be killed by being enticed to falsehoods.

Less we forget, one of those luminaries came up with the wonderful imaginative solution of selling more duty-free alcohol to tourists to entice them to come and spread the virus in Mauritius while many countries in the world were already burning in disaster. This should be worthy of the Nobel prize of stupidity.

There should be no open borders on 1st October or any time soon because this is just setting the road to a new level of Abnormal when lives are going to be lost and once the ball start rolling, there would be no stopping back the avalanche especially when we are governed by such morons who are hell-bent on racing to the bottom of the pit.