When 64,5 % of the citizenry of our five towns  do not express  their thoughts and preferences as regards the choice of their representatives, then they have nothing to find fault with at a later stage. Unless, and this is witticism only, a little bit on the lines of our P.M’s playful statement about the abolishment of the rights to vote, I fear that we shall soon witness a massive migration of 64,5 % of our citizens to rural areas ! Their disaffection does not bode well for the future of democracy but on the other hand and this is highly comforting – 35,6 % of the citizenry realised, and rightly so, that there has to be a tuning between the Central Government and the Local Government to avoid bottlenecks and in the larger interests of the population. The election is a wake-up call also for the Leader of the MMM, Paul Bérenger and certainly toll the bell for his already sagging political career. It is high time that his tirelessly blind sycophants, absolutely mad about his « prowess », come back to their senses at last and do not fall in his  impending post-elections habitual analysis and warped statistics to explain their defeat and exculpate himself by  his, by now, very well-known gimmicks. The Leader Supremo, historical by all means, cannot go hysterical.
Citizens should realise that our ancestors have toiled and fought hard to obtain our civic rights and Mauritius, despite its short history, is recognised for the processes devised and implemented  for the strengthening of our democratic roots. There is a consensus among voters and the general public as well as all observers about the effective independence, freedom of The Electoral Supervisory Commission. We have celebrated 47 years of independence and it is a major landmark in our history but we certainly do not have to be complacent. So, I think we require a little dose of Shitsuke-self discipline et le tour est joué.