I am flabbergasted at an ex political nominee whose Attorney General tenure remains historical! Varma states aloud his expertise in the grand scheme of free masonry in the eradication of death penalty. He knows not the history of UK law in spite of gaining his law degree there, I presume!

Varma sounds either out of sync on this earth or he is playing gutter politics. He must be our local red Hammurabi, the orange sheik’s play mate.
A former Attorney General with such putrid opinions accepted by the Mauritius Labour party is an eye opener to us voters. Enlightened we are!
Varma wants murdering convicts in a system where he is highly critical of the Police,

Human rights Commission etc. Farcical, moronic statements. Varma has the right to his opinions as we all should have! Yet, unintelligent bla bla is laughable.
Let me inform Varma of a fact.

« 13.8.1964 Peter Anthony Allen at Walton Prison in Liverpool and Gwynne Owen Evans at Strangeways Prison in Manchester were executed for the murder of John Alan West on the 7.4.1964. »

Would it surprise you if the judge and the male convict were Freemasons ?

In matters of ordinary souls playing GOD, one must not kill haphazardly.
Our police and law enforcement is dubious enough not to legislate murder of one more INNOCENT.

A farce is not always funny.